When a Fragrant Oil Appears During Worship

I received this note from Elyssa a few days ago. She described for me an experience she had last Sunday in worship. You're going to want to read through this!

What if God has MORE for you and for all of us in this season of Advent? What if He wants to do NEW things in our lives? What if they don't look like what we've experienced before? The Christmas story is FULL of such things. Read below and be encouraged.

God totally caught me off guard and messed me up in a powerful way. I'm still kinda...shocked/shaken...something like that - definitely in awe of His goodness. Anyways, I wanted to share the story with you. 
Sunday morning, as I was on my way back to Norfolk, VA, I had a brief layover in Denver. I saw a story from Sean Feucht about people having fragrant oil appear on their hands during worship. I was like, "Woah, God! That's pretty cool! I love when you do crazy things like that." 
Suddenly my hands had fragrant oil all over them. It didn't last long so I told myself I had just imagined it. Then during church that evening, as we were singing about a canopy of glory, I started smelling the same fragrance I had at the airport. It kept getting stronger and I began to get a strange sensation on my hands. I lowered them and realized my hands were covered in oil again. I was standing in the back in shock and not sure what to do next, especially since communion had just started. I showed Vanessa and then prayed for her and Ian Harrison (interns with me). 
I ended up being one of the last people to receive communion and thought the oil stopped just before I got to the front but when I went to walk back to my seat, I realized my hands were covered again. I saw several people praying for Brooke Sari and joined them. They noticed the oil and told me to go share with Adam. 
Elyssa Praying for Healing
Before I could, someone else got up to share a testimony of healing. After a prayer, Adam made a comment about healing oil flowing. (If you watch the video, you can see the person beside me get excited and almost push me) I walked over holding my hands out and Adam immediately recognized that it was oil....when he walked back over and put his hand on me, it felt like something came crashing down with so much force I couldn't stay standing. Kinda like being under a very powerful waterfall or wave.
I ended up praying for other people that evening as well. 
Other than it being a continuation of multiple visions/words and prayers referring to the oil of heaven (usually in reference to healing and/or joy), God has not revealed why.
Me sharing:
Jacob sharing Sean Feucht's story:
--- Elyssa ---


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