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Special Events during our Fasting and Prayer week

SPECIAL EVENTS: I mentioned Sunday that we are joining together in an all-church time of fasting and prayer beginning this coming Sunday, February 9. Please be in prayer about your participation. How will you participate? What will you do if you know there will be a special event during the fast? Who will you ask to be a partner and encourager along the way?
As a part of this season of prayer and fasting, I invite you to two special church gatherings.
BRING an OFFERING of THANKS This coming Sunday, February 9, you are encouraged and welcome to join with your church family in an evening of giving thanks. By way of preparation, make a list of anything/everything you can recall for which you are thankful to God. Miracles in your life, special moments of provision, healing, peace, sustaining grace, etc. Make a list and come prepared to share some of your items with your church family. Together, we will lift up our thanks as a way of entering into our time of fasting.
On Wednesday evening, Fe…
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A Call to Fast and Pray

I mentioned at our VISION 2020 meeting that we are calling the church at River Oaks to a time of fasting and praying in February. We are asking each of you to set aside February 9-16 as a season of fasting and prayer. While we are all called to pray at all times, this is a special season of joining in prayer for specific things we all need, as well as things we pray for in our city/county/region.

Isaiah 58:6-12 gives us a clear picture of God's plans for a fast. In those verses, he indicates that His fast is for:
Loosening the Bonds of WickednessUndoing the bands of the yokeLetting the oppressed go freeBreaking every yokeGive to those in need of foodHelp the homelessNot hiding from "your own flesh" - or refusing to see the needs of those around you. The passage goes on to tell us what we can expect when we fast in that way:
Your light will break out like the dawnYour recovery will speedily spring forthYour righteousness will go before youThe Glory of God will be your rear g…

What's Happening at the River?

Here's what is happening at River Oaks Church.

VISION 2020 Gathering: Sunday, January 26 at 7:00 PM Pastor Kevin will be sharing updates and vision for the coming year. We are looking forward to 2020 with anticipation to what God is going to do at River Oaks. The evening will include a financial update for 2019, a preview of the ROC Calendar for 2020, leadership changes for 2020, and prayer. We will also honor Jim and Rita for their ten years of service to River Oaks Church.

Honoring Jim and Rita River Oaks has been so blessed to have Jim Eby serving as an elder for ten years! That's right, Jim and Rita have cared for us and prayed for us and served faithfully now for ten years. With that in mind, Jim let me (Kevin) know early in 2019 that they were ready for a break. As of December 31, Jim has stepped down as one of our elders. I cannot express enough how grateful I have been for Jim's leadership and care for our church over these years. We plan to honor them and thank the…

Have You Responded to the Invitation Today?

This past Sunday, our focus was on how much God invites us to join Him in the good things He has done and wants to do in our lives.

Specifically, Jesus invites us to:Come and RestFollow HimLive WITH Him (abide in Him) When we accept His invitations, we begin to truly be filled up more and more with Him so that we are enabled to overcome every barrier to being like Him.

No, it never happens overnight. (And if you are like me, you grow impatient with the changes you want to see.)

Yes, every one of us (myself included) is on a journey and needs to be reminded daily of His invitation.

But He is truly at work in us, and He invites you today! Come and rest in Him, in His plan, in His timing, in His promises, in His reconciling work! Follow Him into the great purposes He has for you.

His invitation is to the greatness of His life and Kingdom. Live WITH him today. Slow down. Expect Him to speak. Wait for His plans and don't move and act ahead of Him.

Here is my question:
How are you respond…

What's Happening at the River?

Here's what is happening at River Oaks Church.

Pastor Kevin's message, “A Good Peace” (recorded December 8, 2019), is now available on the River Oaks YouTube channel!

Pastor Kevin’s message, “A Complete Joy” (recorded December 15, 2019), is now available on the River Oaks YouTube channel. There are two additional videos mentioned in the YouTube description, so be sure to check them out too!
Meals for the Strites
Please consider providing a meal for the Strites over the next few weeks. Call Lynette Crull (540-578-4033) to schedule a time. Pastor Kevin will be walking with crutches for several weeks. Your prayers for continued healing are appreciated as his recovery time continues for several months. 

What's Happening at the River?

Here is what's happening at River Oaks.

This Sunday the message title will be A Good PEACE.
Sunday, December 15:A Complete JOY
Sunday, December 22: Love Came Down
Sunday, December 29: He Will Do It!

You can listen to last Sunday's message, True HOPE, at
Moving Out of the Warehouse We need to move our things out of the warehouse by December 31. This Friday or Saturday, we will sort through what we have and separate what we plan to keep and what we will sell or give away. Hopefully, we will move things to our new storage next week. We will need trailers to move some of the items. I will send an email as soon as I know when it is available. Please contact to let us know what days and times you are available to help.

What's Happening at the River?

Here is what's happening at River Oaks Church!
Sunday, November 24 Guest worship leader, Daniel Heffington, will lead us in worship for our morning service. We will have an Evening of Worship and Praise with Daniel Heffington at 7:00 PM.

Daniel Heffington is a singer/songwriter who pairs unforgettable melodies with driving rhythms. A native Virginian, his original songs are steeped in the musical heritage and tradition of the Southeast and fit in with the genre-defying soundscape of the modern era. He’s known for the energy and passion of his live performances that feature soulful vocals and poignant lyrics.

In addition to recording and releasing original music, Daniel has been leading worship in churches since the age of 15. Using music to celebrate the hope of the Gospel is the continuing thread of Daniel's art and ministry. He is one of the worship leaders at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Virginia and regularly shares music with churches around Virginia.

With over 10 year…