Becoming Over-Comers

In this season of the passion of Jesus, we all look forward to Resurrection Sunday (Easter), and we focus on the power of the resurrected Christ! Every Christian I know wants to live in the overcoming reality of God’s power in us. It is merely the great message of the cross! Redeemed, Reborn, and Empowered! That is the full life in Jesus.
This past Sunday, we looked at Matthew 5:3 and the first words of Jesus as he launched his public ministry. Those words are:
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
It is a wake-up call for all who want the Kingdom to be evident in our lives. It comes to those who recognize that we can’t and only He can! In Hebrews 4 we are called back to the reality of our need and Jesus’ provision. It is our task as believers to continue in the truth that our only hope ever is Jesus and what he has accomplished. 
This coming Sunday we will follow last week’s message with a special time of worship and prayer. Our focus will remain on the gra…

Breakthrough Sunday and our Next Steps

Thank you to each of you who flowed with our “unique Sunday” and invited the Holy Spirit as we engaged in a meaningful Sunday of corporate worship and prayer. Our prayer together will continue this Wednesday evening as we focus on God’s heart and direction for the River Oaks Family home and center for ministry. 
As you know, we have 8+ acres of land on Stone Spring ready for us to build a ministry center. Before building there, we will need an entrance off of Stone Spring. The estimated cost of the entrance is right around $51,000. We currently have almost $25,000 and need to raise the second half in order to put in the entrance. At our last congregational meeting, there was strong approval for moving forward with a project/plan to get the entrance completed.
As you should also be aware by now, we currently expect our lease agreement in the shopping center to be terminated sometime this year. We do not know precisely when, but we need to prepare for what we will do, and where we will go…

Letting God Into the Mess

On Sunday, we had our final focus on the "Mess of Christmas". During the message, I referenced two testimonies I received the week before. These had to do with living life on purpose (We had talked the previous week about developing a rule of life). Here are those two testimonies from Catherine and Deborah.

I hope you were encouraged by both of those and challenged to consider how you will live life on purpose in 2019.

If you missed Sunday's message, you can watch it here. Please take time to at least watch the initial part as it includes testimony and sharing from Kathie Z.

Making Sense of the Mess

Sometimes our lives are in a mess because of the choices we make. Sometimes they are in a mess because of the things others have done to us. And sometimes, there is a mess simply because there is. What do we do when we can't figure it out? When we can't answer the "why" questions?

This Sunday we looked at the killing of the innocent children which took place in Bethlehem as Herod tried to destroy the "threat" of Jesus before he could grow to become a man. What kind of sense does that make? Why, when Jesus came, did so many need to suffer the loss of a child? It simply doesn't make sense.

And it is just those types of circumstances that can cause each of us to experience a "Dark Night of the Soul". If you missed the message, you can click here to watch it online. God cares about you even when your life feels dark; even when you can't see a way through; even when you feel there is no hope. We hope you'll be encouraged as you watch the mess…

Going Back to Go Forward to True Peace

When you think about your past, your family of origin, your formative years, what do you remember? What comes to mind as the most significant? Do you know what's "back there"?

Living in Christ involves growing in maturity as a person so that we can fully be loved and love others.

Listen to the message from Sunday morning to learn more about the importance of knowing what is in the past so that you can know how to move forward. True peace comes when we face ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to come and show us the way forward.


LIVE: "What's in there?" Explore what's in the "trunk" of our past.

CONNECT: Who are you being discipled/challenged by? Who are you discipling?

ENGAGE: What might be keeping you from saying "Yes" to Jesus in spite of the mess it may cause?

When a Fragrant Oil Appears During Worship

I received this note from Elyssa a few days ago. She described for me an experience she had last Sunday in worship. You're going to want to read through this!

What if God has MORE for you and for all of us in this season of Advent? What if He wants to do NEW things in our lives? What if they don't look like what we've experienced before? The Christmas story is FULL of such things. Read below and be encouraged.

God totally caught me off guard and messed me up in a powerful way. I'm still kinda...shocked/shaken...something like that - definitely in awe of His goodness. Anyways, I wanted to share the story with you.  Sunday morning, as I was on my way back to Norfolk, VA, I had a brief layover in Denver. I saw a story from Sean Feucht about people having fragrant oil appear on their hands during worship. I was like, "Woah, God! That's pretty cool! I love when you do crazy things like that."  Suddenly my hands had fragrant oil all over them. It didn't las…

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Coming in January

When we become a part of the Family of God through adoption in Jesus, we become a part of a brand new family system. God’s family is healthy, encouraging, authentic, and full of love for one another. Unfortunately, one does not just “pick up” the ways of living in God’s family. Every one of us comes into God’s family with ingrained ways of relating to one another. 

In the Emotionally Healthy Spiritual Course, you will explore 8 biblical themes that will move you to be deeply changed by Jesus and have a powerful, long-term impact on the world around you. Find out how to apply Scripture deeply beneath the surface of your life:  Know yourself that you may know GodEnlarge your Soul through Grief and LossDiscover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and SabbathGrow Into an Emotionally Healthy AdultYou will also learn to develop a Sabbath rhythm - a counter-culture practice that goes against the grain of our 24/7 frenetic culture. 
At River Oaks, we are looking forward to offering a discipleship co…