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Why does God allow pain and suffering?

Sunday's question is one of the hardest ones to answer, and it is one that all who have ever lived have asked or wondered. 

You can watch the message below, or listen here.

Some questions to consider this week:

Share with your family or friends your own times of suffering.Who do you know who is suffering now? How can you connect with them and be a comforting presence?Where can you make the choice in your own life to choose "better" over "bitter"?

Is There a God?

Great Question! How would you answer? Are you aware that you can not prove that He is? You can believe and you can see evidence, but to prove is another story. So, why DO you believe there is a God? How can you talk with those around you about this question that everyone considers at one time or another?

We explored this question on Sunday. Click the link below to watch the message online now.

Racing around the World, Picnicking, and Camping Out!

What's Happening at the River?Race Reports: Sunday and WednesdayThis coming Sunday morning, Elyssa Ranck and Jessica Torres will share a brief report on their recent adventures with the World Race. Everyone is welcome to join them again on Wednesday evening for a more in-depth report from each. We will meet at River Oaks at 7:00 PM and refreshments will be provided.

Let's Have a Picnic! September 30 Woohoo! Get ready for a picnic on September 30 from 5-9 pm.  We will be meeting at Shelter #3 in Oakdale Park in Bridgewater. More details coming next weekend.

Men's Campout: October 26-28 All men over age 13 are welcome. If interested, sign-up this morning! There are cabin bunks available as well as tent sites. Expenses will be shared equally. In the spirit of the upcoming "Explore God" series, consider inviting a non-church friend to join us. Contact Norm Mailhot with questions.

Summer Shifts and Fall ArrivalEarly this summer we shared with you some of the changes we…

Special Sharing this Sunday

Special Sharing this Sunday

This Sunday we are happy to have Elyssa Ranck and Jessica Torres share briefly about their year-long journey with the World Race organization. On Sunday each of them will share a brief intro to their time, and then on Wednesday evening, you are welcome to join them for an extended time of sharing including photos and lots of stories of how God worked in their lives. Wednesday's sharing will be at River Oaks Church at 7:00 pm.

The Feast of Trumpets is Sunday-Monday

Celebrate the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah)As we learned a few weeks ago, the Feast of Trumpets is this Sunday and Monday. If you aren't sure about what/why this festival matters, you can review the sermon here.

Don't forget to make a plan to celebrate with others and to remember and recount together the story God has been writing for all history. Along with that, take time to remember your own story, to recount how God has been with you, and to consider what new things He is calling you to in the coming year.

Here are some other ideas for you to use in celebration of this appointed time of God.
Play Hebrew music throughout the day (Paul Wilbur, Laeli, Joshua Aaron)Enjoy a favorite meal including apple dessert as is a modern Jewish tradition Make a list of as many ways as you can recall that God has provided for or blessed you this past year.Pray together for the ways you look for God to reveal himself to you this coming “new” yearSpend time in individual personal reflection …

The Fall Feasts of God: The Feast of Booths

I LOVE God's story! 

I always love reviewing the rich truths and prophetic realities of God's Feasts (appointed times). In Leviticus, very early in the history of the nation of Israel, God appointed seven times each year when His people would stop what they were doing and remember. The feasts served as a reminder of what God had done, how He had provided, and what He was going to do in their life as His people. 

For many Christians today, we have forgotten or ignored these amazing feasts. For some, we feel that these were for the Old Testament, or are limited to the Jews. The truth, however is that these feasts and celebrations are so rich in truth and history that every believer can see their faith deepened if we'll just stop what we are doing and choose to celebrate the feasts. In doing so, we are welcomed into the realities of God's eternal story as well as His story He has been writing since the earth was created. 

On Sunday, we looked at the final Fall Feast; The Fea…