Making Sense of the Mess

Sometimes our lives are in a mess because of the choices we make. Sometimes they are in a mess because of the things others have done to us. And sometimes, there is a mess simply because there is. What do we do when we can't figure it out? When we can't answer the "why" questions?

This Sunday we looked at the killing of the innocent children which took place in Bethlehem as Herod tried to destroy the "threat" of Jesus before he could grow to become a man. What kind of sense does that make? Why, when Jesus came, did so many need to suffer the loss of a child? It simply doesn't make sense.

And it is just those types of circumstances that can cause each of us to experience a "Dark Night of the Soul". If you missed the message, you can click here to watch it online. God cares about you even when your life feels dark; even when you can't see a way through; even when you feel there is no hope. We hope you'll be encouraged as you watch the message. Please pass it on to others who might be encouraged as well.


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