Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Coming in January

When we become a part of the Family of God through adoption in Jesus, we become a part of a brand new family system. God’s family is healthy, encouraging, authentic, and full of love for one another. Unfortunately, one does not just “pick up” the ways of living in God’s family. Every one of us comes into God’s family with ingrained ways of relating to one another. 

In the Emotionally Healthy Spiritual Course, you will explore 8 biblical themes that will move you to be deeply changed by Jesus and have a powerful, long-term impact on the world around you. Find out how to apply Scripture deeply beneath the surface of your life: 
  • Know yourself that you may know God
  • Enlarge your Soul through Grief and Loss
  • Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and Sabbath
  • Grow Into an Emotionally Healthy Adult
You will also learn to develop a Sabbath rhythm - a counter-culture practice that goes against the grain of our 24/7 frenetic culture. 

At River Oaks, we are looking forward to offering a discipleship course in January that will create the opportunity for you to go deeper into your story so that we can see what is holding us back and begin to truly live in the New (Jesus) Family with the new values and with much more effectiveness.

I want to personally invite each one of you to consider making this course a priority in the coming year. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality will give you a great opportunity to see growth in your Christian life like you’ve not experienced before.

The course will be offered on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 PM at River Oaks Church. EHS is appropriate for anyone 15 and older.

The dates for the course are January 23 - March 27. This allows for two snow-dates if needed.

I hope to see you there,
Pastor Kevin


Who should come? 
Every Christian desiring to go deeper in his/her walk with God.
Anyone 15 or older.

How can I sign up?
There will be a signup table on Sunday mornings at River Oaks beginning December 16.
You can register online now at https://riveroaksva.link/ehs2018 

What is required?
    • There are three books required for the course. 
    • The cost for the books is $30, but we are offering them to River Oaks members for $25 if you register before January 9. After that, the cost will be $30.
    • Plan to attend EVERY session. If you know you’ll miss two or more, it is best to wait for the next time the course is offered.
    • A commitment to dig into your own life so that you can grow into God’s life in you.

What does the course cover?
EHS helps people slow down their lives to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus with the following topics/chapters.
    • The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality
    • Know Yourself That You May Know God
    • Going Back in Order to Go Forward
    • Journey Through the Wall
    • Enlarge Your Soul Through Grief and Loss
    • Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and Sabbath
    • Grow Into an Emotionally Healthy Adult
    • Go the Next Step to Develop a “Rule of Life”


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