Build Yourself a Springhouse - Part 1

If you've ever been in a springhouse, especially in the summer, you will likely know that there is a sense of refreshing there. The air is cool. The water is cool, clear and tastes like no other water you drink. (My memories anyhow)
I have very clear memories of my childhood visits to at least two springhouses.
God intends for your soul to be a place refreshed as well as refreshing.
Here are three of the six things you can do in your life to "Build Yourself a Springhouse" of refreshing.

  1. Learn to be SILENT
  2. Learn to PRAY, truly pray, and to have prayer at the beginning, middle and ends of your days.
  3. Learn to REST! Recover a rhythm of work and rest. Learn to truly Sabbath.

This coming Sunday we will finish with the last three things you can do.

If you missed the message, you can watch it here:

Or listen to it HERE


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