Fall Feasts: The Day of Atonement

On Sunday we looked back at the "Day of Atonement" which God set apart in the book of Leviticus. God's special days are literally called, "Appointed Times", and were meant to serve as a time of worship, a time of reminding, and a practical way to keep God's people connected to His story. 

Too many times, we're living our lives consumed by our own story, when God's invitation is to engage in His story and see how He is writing my story into His! 

The day of atonement is coming up September 18/19. If you haven't already done so, decide today how you and your loved ones will remember this significant day in Israel's history. You will be blessed as you celebrate the ancient paths and join God in what He has been saying throughout history. That is, there is an atonement which covers sin. In Jesus, atonement is our reality. This day is a day for us to remember what Jesus has done, and to search our hearts for the ways God wants to do a new work in us for the coming year. 

You can watch the sermon here: (There is actually only audio on the "video" this week)

Or, you can listen HERE

Taking It Home:

  1. How will you celebrate Atonement this year?
  2. Who can you share your story with this week?
  3. Reflect and ask God to show you areas He is at work in your life. Say, "Yes" to him as he works in your life.


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