Exploring God and His Feasts (News for this week)


We have moved our receiving of Tithes and Offerings to a table in the back of the church. Please feel free to leave your offerings there anytime before or during the service. If you would like to make this a part of your worship experience, feel free to take your offerings during our singing time of worship. Please try to leave your offering before the end of the service, or immediately following our worship service. Thank you.

Is God Calling You?

During our series on Intentional Relationships, please be asking God if He wants you to lead a discussion group. We are excited to currently see eight discussion groups forming. These groups will begin in September and will coincide with the sermon series dealing with life’s 7 Big Questions. Every group will be furnished with detailed discussion guides, and it is an opportunity to be intentional to reach out to those who don’t yet know Jesus. If you are interested, please click here to let us know.

Celebrating the Feasts of God

God’s story is long and rich! One of the keys to understanding His prophetic ways is to grasp and celebrate the significance of His Feasts. The Fall feasts are coming up, and we’ll be looking at them soon:
  • August 19: Feast of Trumpets
  • August 26: Day of Atonement
  • September 2: Feast of Tabernacles.


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